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About us

Líder Cargo was born in 2013 as an initiative of a group of visionaries who, around a few cups of coffee, decided to give shape to an idea of a cargo agency based on the possibility of representing the operation of a large cargo generating agent established in Asia and looking in those days, to have an operations ally in Central America.  


This project led to the INTERNATIONAL CARGO LEADER for 2017, establishing itself as a cargo and forwarding agency from May of that same year until today.


At present and with consolidated alliances through years of work and experience, we continue to provide our services to clients at a national, regional and global level. Providing tailor-made solutions for each one, in times where this is a requirement with which we are widely familiar.



Consolidate ourselves as an integrated group of logistics services that reaches a presence and commercial development in America, Asia and Europe, becoming the trusted logistics arm of clients who honor us with their businesses.


Provide the logistics service required by customers, without limiting ourselves to what they ask of us but trying to take it to an even higher level, with a view to maximizing the use of resources, both from them and from us.

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